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Leti Dias has always been a sensitive child, never quite fitting in since her family’s move from NYC to Slidell, LA, after hurricane Katrina created so much work for her contractor papa.  Now, the reluctant head-of-the-family since her Father’s death, Leti supports her brother’s musical education by working a waitressing job and pursuing an internship at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—all while completing high school and fending off her grandfather’s gambling, drinking and abuse.  Then she meets a boy.  Gene.  A nice Cajun boy, who wins her elusive trust and love--until the night it all goes wrong.  Until the morning Leti wakes to find herself morphing into a giant cockroach.

It’s a painful transfiguration, but not unexpected by Leti.  She always wondered if life as a bug would be simpler.  It is.  Sort of.  Except that her brother now must take on her job and the brunt of grandfather’s cruelty.  Plus there’s a hurricane coming.  And Gene is sorry for what he did and vows to stick with her to the end, even if “she is a giant damn bug.” Leti needs to forgive and embrace the best of humanity, embrace becoming human again—before the storm-of-the-century wipes out the Southernmost states and her chance at real love forever.