Wayne And Emmy Learn To Breathe

In Wayne And Emmy Learn To Breathe, an agoraphobic boy who’s never left home falls for a rebellious girl from another galaxy.

High School senior, Wayne Lafferty, finds Emmy hiding in his barn after her dramatic crash-landing in a nearby Mississippi pine grove. Wounded and in desperate need of the CO2 that sustains her—she surrenders to Wayne’s care as he heals her with antibiotics and compressed gas canisters from his brother’s paintball gun.

Emmy’s parents scour the Earth for her, while trying to accept that her widely broadcast crash ruined their bid to sneak millions of survivors from their crippled planet to Earth’s most polluted cities—where CO2 levels are comfortably high. Aware of the tragic blow she dealt her home, Wayne and Emmy try to reconcile her need to go back with their growing love for each other. Meanwhile, the armed forces, scientists and media crowding the nearby crash site grow increasingly closer to discovering her whereabouts.


Their efforts to stay hidden fail, and Emmy is captured and taken to a secluded lab.  Even if Wayne can conquer his fear in time to save Emmy from fatal experimentation, he may not be able to shield her from the media storm on Earth, and may instead be forced to send her home where it’s safe--for now.


Copyright @ Cindy McCraw Dircks. All rights reserved.