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Just attended a Sesame Workshop Alumnae gathering in NYC.  I haven't worked there in sixteen years, but it was so easy to step back into such a welcoming atmosphere.  Good to see that old contacts and new were pursuing kid-oriented production jobs of various kinds (including parenthood!)  So many caring professionals improving kid tech, literature and television, and generally making the world a better place.  Which--ugh--our world so desperately needs help these days, no?  For all the latest on what Sesame Workshop is up to, click here!

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I worked at Playboy, The Economist, Sex & the City and Sesame Workshop.  Yeah...I know...  

​Now I work at home, writing YA books that my kids might one day read—if they ever declare me “cool” (heavy sigh…).

​I'm repped by the amazing Rachel Ridout at the Harvey Klinger Agency and am currently sweating it out on submission.

​ I also work as a freelance editor (Need help? Contact me here!), and frequently attend SCBWI events in the city, New Jersey and Westchester. Perhaps we've run into each other! Don't you love the unlimited bagels and coffee at conferences?