​​​​​​Just registered for the NJ SCBWI conference being held this year in at the Hyatt Regency in New Bruswick. I'm so excited! Unless you collaborate regularly or have a gang of readers and critique partners (I LOVE my gang), writing can be a solitary profession. Solitary can be good, but too much time alone can lead to hallucinations and mutterings and tankards of Cabernet. Believe me--I know! The Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators is unceasingly awesome in the opportunities it allows us to gather, network with each other--as well as publishing professionals--and to share the pain of rejection and living inside one's mind much of the time with those who TOTALLY understand. The NJ conference (June 3rd & 4th this year) is one of my favorites because it allows for lots of volunteer opportunities, too! Interested? Check out their website by clicking here!!

About Cindy...

I worked at Playboy, The Economist, Sex & the City and Sesame Workshop.  Yeah...I know...  

​Now I work at home, writing YA books that my kids might one day read—if they ever declare me “cool” (heavy sigh…).

​I'm repped by the amazing Rachel Ridout at the Harvey Klinger Agency and am currently sweating it out on submission.

​ I also work as a freelance editor (Need help? Contact me here!), and frequently attend SCBWI events in the city, New Jersey and Westchester. Perhaps we've run into each other! Don't you love the unlimited bagels and coffee at conferences?

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